Information about newsletters and SPAM

Correct settings will allow you to receive email from us. If a mail is a newsletter or SPAM knows only the receiver of the mail, but we all try to protect ourselves from getting too much insignificant or junk mail.

Before the fair
Before the fair, we wish to send relevant information or newsletters to you, which we hope you will find useful. You will receive mail from us if you have been an exhibitor or a visitor at the fair and given us your mail address. The mail contents will help you make your participation or next visit as rewarding as possible.

Do it like this!
To ensure that you can receive mail from us, we kindly ask you to get in touch with your IT department. Ask them to accept mail from our domain - - in the Firewall and Mail Server.

Empty mail messages
At times, receivers get mail messages from us that are totally blank. If this happens to you, please check the configuration in your mail program. Then change them so that HTML is accepted. Ask your IT department if you cannot find this.

Do you have Service Pack 2 for XP and Outlook?
Mail messages from us will always reach you but Service Pack 2 (SP2) will block HTML messages as a standard in your Client. You can change this by accepting images and graphics in the mail program.

Another trick is to put our mail address in your Contacts. The address begins with the name of the fair and ends with

We do hope that you will continue to accept and be able to receive mail messages from us.

Best regards,

About Adforum

Founded in 1968, Adforum is the world's leading organizer of exhibitions for the pulp and paper industry. Through the years, the company has organized the world's largest pulp and paper events in Stockholm, Helsinki as well as in in China and India. Adforum is owned by Stockholmsmässan (Stockholm International Fairs) and the Finnish Fair Corporation.